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When it comes to Expert Advisor reviews, there are basically two possibilities to look at – they are reliable, unbiased and updated or only a cheap promotions gimmick of greedy forex brokers. Simply put, not all forex EA reviews aim to provide you the best results. Some of them can fully mislead you with the purpose to entice you to a particular product, so that they can make profit from it by some means. Then again, there are those reviews that you can trust and know are looking for the traders best interest!

The Expert Advisors reviewed for you on this page feature today’s “Top Expert Advisors” based on a number of parameters relevant to automated trading in the Forex market.

Website Logo Overall Rating Drawdown (%) Win Ratio (%) Trades Per Week Review Download
1. Fap Turbo Fap Turbo 9.72 0.35 95.90 10-20 Fap Turbo
2. Shark EA Shark EA 9.70  2-4.00  89.15  14 Shark Review Download
3. Forex Automoney Forex Automoney 9.67  1-8.00  90.24  5-10 Forex Automoney Review Download
4.Forex Mentor LMT 9.64  1-7.52  82.35  1-2 Forex Mentor Review Download
5. Overdrive Forex OverDrive Review 9.50 0.35 90 30-50 OverDrive Review Download Forex OverDrive
6. Forex NightFox Forex NightFox 9.40  1-5.00  92.00  5-10 Forex NightFox Review Download
7. Forex Megadroid Forex Megadroid 9.30 1-20.28   95.74 7-14  Forex Megadroid Review Download
8. Cash Rocket Forex Cash Rocket Forex Signals 9.20 NA 75 30-50 Cash Rocket Review Download Forex Cash Rocket Forex Signals
9. TurboDrive Forex TurboDrive Automated Forex Trading 9.10 NA 90 15-20 TurboDrive Review Download Forex TurboDrive Automated Forex Trading
10. NoNameBot NoNameBot Forex Robot Review 9.00 2-4.00 85 25 NoNameBot Review Download NoNameBot Forex Robot

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Expert Advisors

Our Commitment to All Traders

In conformity with our stringent criteria, all the Expert Advisors reviewed on our website must be operating for a specific number of months uninterruptedly. In addition, prior to the posting of any review, we verify that it offers the latest information on the basis of unbiased, firsthand research conducted and compiled by our team of expert traders.

Best Expert Advisor

Trustworthy Forex Expert Advisor Reviews

It is no secret that there are plenty of scams taking place in the world of foreign exchange, particularly in the field of automated trading! However, with the passage of time, forex trading as well as forex brokers are getting regulated across the globe and these fraudulent practices are detected without difficulty. Some of the dishonest brokers and Expert Advisor providers are offenders, but the majority of them are unintelligent and lacking foresight. In spite of everything, the forex market has consistently proved it to be lucrative for numerous reliable currency trading brokers and advisors.

It is also imperative to draw attention to the fact that those strategies that are genuine and not fraud truly generate high earnings! These Expert Advisors are devised by companies that understand the greater importance of investing time and energy in developing a product their customers are satisfied with, rather than making $100 in haste and causing the client to incur a loss of thousands, losing the client forever.

Being aware of this, you can be certain that any foreign exchange broker or MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor site or affiliate that deliberately makes misleading statements regarding their services in their reviews is going to be monetarily benefited from your losses. They constantly try to promote certain Expert Advisors and will state that they are the leading broker on this planet and assure nonstop profits that are far from reality! In most instances, they are simply enticing you to daydream!!

However, it is not to be mistaken that each and every Expert Advisor and forex broker is attempting to rip you off and steal your money. That’s not true. There are still many Expert Advisors with unbiased reviews that will help you earn a considerable sum of money if you capitalize on them properly. Traders are getting increasingly intelligent these days and realize that the more number of years an Expert Advisor has been operating in the industry, the greater is the possibility of relying on them and their reviews. After all, forex trading is based on trust!

Counting on Forex Expert Advisor Reviews

Like in any form of business, specifically those with huge amounts of money involved in them, the popular proverb “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel” proves to be true again and again. There are just a few unlawful traders and brokers tarnishing the image of the entire industry. In this crucial juncture, comes to the rescue. Our wealth of experience in the foreign exchange market and the amount of trustworthy information we provide shows that lots of traders actually read reviews of Expert Advisors before settling on a particular EA.

All our reviews are well-researched and get straight to the point, so you can be convinced that we are not tilted towards a specific Expert Advisor. Lots of novel Expert Advisors and forex brokers keep coming in virtually every week. In fact, there thousands of EA websites already in the industry and we’re just picking up!

One Final Piece of Advice

Go for the best Expert Advisor and ignore the rest! Choose only those that have unbiased reviews. Thus, you can be assured that a consistent profit is coming your way every month!

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